The Gaff #002: 10 Cloverfield Lane

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Our second ever episode! This is your chance to hear Sams and Luke gush over 10 Cloverfield Lane. We absolutely recommend seeing the film before listening because we spoil everything.

There’s some brief discussion over the original Cloverfield and how Sams needed to see the film to find out what the monster looked like.


Or as Sams calls it; Civil Argument. We talk about the odd choice of an open airfield as a battleground and the reveal of the MCU’s Spider-man. We lament the characters from Marvel’s Netflix and ABC shows never showing up in the MCU films. We talk pacing and scale in these things not being quite right and anticipate the immense box office coming a few years from now in Avengers: Infinity War.

A ‘Toy Story’-type tale where food realises the horror of getting eaten. A riff on Pixar animated films focused for a more adult audience. Sams can’t wait to see who Craig Robinson plays. Luke just thinks the whole thing’s silly enough to be laugh out loud funny.

Sams imitates Andy Samberg imitating Mark Wahlberg and Luke compares the story to Chris Lilley’s Angry Boys while making it clear he isn’t a Lilley fan.



Sams blows his Cloverfield load. He talks defending the original Cloverfield, its connection to 10 Cloverfield Lane (or lack thereof), the marketing around both films and an internal J. J. Abrams continuity through brands.

The boys recount most of the plot despite initially wanting to stay spoiler-free. So be warned. We cover the sudden abrupt nature of the opening titles and compare the suspense of the film to Buried and Hitchcock’s Rope.

We talk about the fantastic sound design, and the score by Bear McCreary. There’s a lot of discussion about how good the performances are, including how pants-shittingly terrifying John Goodman gets in the dinner and charades scenes. Fans of Michael Parks’ performance in Tusk will have fun with this one.

We discuss the influence of video games on this film. Luke discovers that Dan Trachtenberg directed the Portal: No Escape short film from a few years ago. Which explains some of the shot similarity between the endings of both stories. Sams reveals his love of Half-Life and wanting a film based on the game.

Finally we delve into the unexpected final third of the film, talking audience reaction, ratings out of 10, genre classification, what kind of sequel potential there is, and pondering how this came to be part of the Cloverfield franchise.


The boys talk about anticipating Independence Day: Resurgence and reminisce about Blockbuster Video, lenticular VHS cover art and Jeff Goldblum. Is Will Smith too big to have turned down being part of this sequel to one of his early hits?

An impromptu discussion of recent alien invasions follows as Luke talks about the SyFy miniseries Childhood’s End. Including the peaceful invasion and the perfect reveal shot at the end of Part 1. Sams talks about The Fifth Wave and its poor execution of child soldiers and the twist ending. Spoilers!

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The Gaff #001: Ghostbusters Trailer & Oscar Winners

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This week on The Gaff:

Sams and Luke introduce themselves, recounting their friendship origin story which involves Kevin Smith, JB Hi-Fi, Popcorn Taxi and a burgeoning love of film. There’s a lot of nervous laughter and awkward pauses but what can you expect from their first time?

In the Weekly Rewind, Sams talks about the Coen Brothers’ Hail Caesar, and the Kevin Hart comedy Ride Along 2. Luke avoids talking about Gaspar Noe’s Love and saves Spotlight and Room to discuss later in the episode.

Together the boys have an impromptu chat film piracy and access being the reason why it’s especially prevalent in Australia before delving deep into the first trailer for the new Ghostbusters film. The tone of humour, the look of the ghosts, the updated version of the classic theme music and the merits of trailer editing are all touched on.

A handful of Oscar-winning actors and films are the secondary topic of discussion as they butcher the pronunciation of Revenant director Alejandro González Iñárritu’s name, and discuss Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs, Brie Larson’s performance in Room, the horror uncovered in Spotlight and how it likely contributed to its win for Best Picture.

As they sign off, Luke lists the current festival and funding opportunities for local filmmakers and Sams lets you know in no uncertain terms how much he’s looking forward to 10 Cloverfield Lane.