The Gaff #003: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


We return from a short break with a bumper 2-hour superhero special! Sams and I are joined in the studio – that’s right, a proper studio recording! Thanks JMG Studios – by Sams’ friend Fergus Halliday, film reviewer for entertainment website, The Iris.


Sams saw two comedies this week, the long-overdue My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 and Sacha Baron Cohen’s Grimsby. Luke finally got around to watching Deadpool after all the hype and finished up Black Sails: Season 3. Fergus has been watching Shameless and American Crime Story.


The three of us talk about the slew of recent horror trailers, including LIGHTS OUT, CONJURING 2 and THE DARKNESS. We also look at two very different comedies that deal with war; Ricky Gervais dodging dangerous reporting in SPECIAL CORRESPONDENTS, and Jonah Hill and Miles Teller running guns in WAR DOGS. Finally, we look at the LEGO Batman Movie teaser as the perfect segue to…



We decided we wouldn’t spoil the movie… and kinda spoiled a bunch of stuff anyway. Decidedly less so than 10 Cloverfield Lane though.

Anywho, we talk about; the several opening prologues, script issues, Doomsday’s reveal, universe building and how the DCEU is playing catch up with the MCU, the serious tone, Wonder Woman finally hitting the big screen, detective work and political thriller elements, surprisingly good Batfleck, the titular conflict between Supes and Batsy and the chasm of acting skill between them, Lois Lane’s lack of anything to do and orphan boys bonding over their mothers.

We discover one podcast participant loves Lex Luthor less than the other two and theorise what content may appear in the extended cut. We discuss the mixed metaphors of Christ-like symbolism and 9/11 imagery evoking the war on terrorism, the overall pacing of the piece, Snyder’s comic book cinematography sensibility and the Hans Zimmer & Junkie XL score.

We break down the Knightmare sequence and the cameos that introduce us to the rest of the Justice League heroes.The fact that BvS:DoJ acts as a giant teaser has us talking about the difference between the CW Grant Gustin Flash and the DCEU Ezra Miller Flash, and looking forward to the 2017, WWI-set Wonder Woman film. Before we sign off, Sams shares an anecdote about the time Zack Snyder answered his question about film piracy.

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