The Gaff #005: The Walking Dead S6 Finale


Deviating from our original topic at the loss of our guest, we decide to talk about the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead. TWD finally introduced us to Negan and Lucille, and Sams decided that was a worthwhile reason to check back in on the show.


Luke watched American History X and Requiem for a Dream in prep for this week’s original topic. Sams watched Gerard Butler action movie, London Has Fallen. We also talk briefly about Ender’s Game.


Following the cast pic reveal, we finally get a proper glimpse at the first ‘A Star Wars Story’ film; STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE. We talk about the teaser for the teaser on GMA, discover Luke absolutely cannot pronounce ‘Bothans’, and revel in the voiceover from one Forest Whitaker.

Mel Gibson’s latest has him on the hunt for his daughter, in BLOOD FATHER. A grizzled Gibson makes us wonder about the Mad Max 4 that might have been. One would hope NOT Son of Max.

It’s no secret that we’re both Batman fans, so we were excited to see the first footage of animated adaptation, BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE. The latest in DC’s animated offerings, it looks faithful but will it hold its own against the Dark Knight Returns adaptation?

Sams expresses his love for Paul Dano and we marvel at the sheer absurdity of SWISS ARMY MAN. Daniel Radcliffe plays a talking, karate-chopping, farting corpse that becomes Paul Dano’s best friend.



‘Previously on AMC’s The Walking Dead’… well, Sams wouldn’t know cause he hasn’t been watching! He dropped out after Season 4. Luke talks about waning interest during Season 5.

We cover a lot of ground here. Sams liked Season 1 so much it spurred him to read the first 90-odd issues of the comics. Even getting an issue signed by inker Tony Moore. But, he also explains his abandoning the show, and it mostly boils down to the handling of a particular Governor and a certain anti-climactic war waged against said Governor.

However, he decided to jump into the S6 finale for the introduction of his favourite villain, Negan. Sams went in with low expectations and gives his opinion on the episode itself, compares The Governor and Negan, and talks about Negan as a charismatic villain, his casting in Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and who he would’ve cast as The Governor. There’s also some discussion of the difference between Laurie’s death and Rick’s grieving her as seen in the show versus the comics.

More generally we talk about; the appearance of Trevor from GTA V, the hopelessness of the situation for our main characters, the problem of child actors growing up, the importance of writing and signage in the show’s visuals, foreshadowing character demises, RVs on AMC, and the Lucille victim in the comics and who it might be in the show.

Is there a difference in the AMC audiences for The Walking Dead versus Breaking Bad? How faithful was the finale to the comic book source material? Can we forgive the show for leaving us with THAT cliffhanger ending? Will Sams watch Season 7? The answers await your ears in this episode.

We consider the future of the show and the introduction of super-communities, the potential fallout from this finale’s cliffhanger, and briefly mention other upcoming comic book adaptations Preacher (also for AMC) and The Boys.


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