The Gaff #006: New Release SVOD Horror (Hush & Holidays)


Remember that week we had a couple horror trailers? Well two turned up on streaming and VOD! So we’re here to talk about Mike Flanagan’s home invasion thriller ‘Hush’ and the depraved annual holidays anthology ‘Holidays’. Watch the films and join us!


We both rewatched Star Wars in prep for next week’s episode. Luke watched the end of Fear the Walking Dead Season 1 and the start of Season 2, as well as rewatching Game of Thrones Season 5. Sams picked up the Spielberg blu-ray collection and saw Duel.

Which brings us to an impromptu discussion about well-presented boxsets. We talk about Kubrick, Hitchcock, availability issues and the Batman ’66 TV show blu-ray boxset. This is one we both own and Sams recounts the story of tracking down his copy. We talk about the design, the contents, the lack of an official home video release for so long, Adam West and his Walk of Fame star, and the importance of the 60’s Batman to the current iterations of Batman. You even get to hear us do a rendition of the theme song.


Reshoots for added humour or added action? Regardless, there’s going to be a lighter side to SUICIDE SQUAD. An indigenous superhero in a diversely-cast, Australian-made genre TV show? CLEVERMAN looks amazing and we will be supporting it at The Gaff! Nicolas Winding-Refn’s latest, NEON DEMON, is a mess of neon, glitter, lasers and pulsing sound and we can’t wait to be awed by it.



Because Luke wants to cover Star Wars in our ‘Episode 7’, and because we both streamed a couple of horror titles this week, we decided to dig into those. What we liked and what we didn’t. We covered the trailers a couple episodes ago; home invasion indie ‘Hush’ and anthology horror ’Holidays’.

In Hush, we talk about expectations from the trailer, the reality of the film, pacing and execution. It’s available on Netflix – in Australia no less. Is the trailer scarier than the movie? Is Maddie responsible for John’s death? Why didn’t she bandage her wound before putting her jeans back on?

Luke’s love for horror anthology runs deep but this is a first for Sams, and it’s Kevin Smith who brought him here. We cover our favourite segments, which may differ from the ‘best’ segment. The flow of an anthology film is important and we discuss the ups and downs of this one.

How does the acting fare? Which actor does Sams know? Does either film have good pacing and the right amount of scares and gore? Do they get the GAFF Seal of Approval? Join us AFTER watching both films!


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