The Gaff #008: Captain America: Civil War


In our Weekly Rewind Sams and Fergus tell us why they loved inspirational biopic Eddie the Eagle, Luke and Fergus share their thoughts on American Crime Story Season 1, Sams updates us on Last Man on Earth Season 2, and Luke starts a discussion on visual concept albums by way of Beyonce’s Lemonade.


We cover Taika Waititi’s new New Zealand classic Hunt for the Wilderpeople. It looks to be quite funny with a great little cast and gives us hope for levity in Thor: Ragnarok too. Coming off previous film What We Do in the Shadows, Sam expounds on parody comedies from Blazing Saddles to Airplane/Flying High and Shaun of the Dead, and the genius title for the Shadows sequel.

Cell reunites the 1408 combo of John Cusack, Samuel L. Jackson and Stephen King. Does it look any good though? Well, Cusack is the second man Sams would turn for and while Luke sees it sitting on the shelf, Sams sees this one sitting on his shelf.

The Duel, a moody southern gothic Western, looks interesting if for no other reason than starring Woody Harrelson. He’s always a good reason to watch as he’s great no matter what he’s in.

Further trailers that we give brief lip service to include: Guardians, Big Fish and Begonia, Tulip Fever, Me Before You, Southside with You, Kubo and the Two Strings, Captain Fantastic, The Fits and Snowden.

We also revisit where our name came from, and decide we should do a commentary episode for The Phantom, and a debate episode for The Mighty Ducks.


Does Civil War surpass Sams’ low expectations? Join Luke, Sams & return guest Fergus Halliday as they break down their favourite moments, characters and dialogue from the film, while also noting the issues they had with Avengers 2.5.

We cover those big-ass title cards for the locales, the (mis?)treatment of Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow, how relative newcomers Scarlet Witch and Vision are doing, the structural similarities to DC’s Batman v Superman, the secrets of the airport fight scene, and violence, villains and fatalities.

A big part of the discussion rests on the introduction of both Spider-Man and Black Panther to the MCU. Is Tom Holland a case of third time’s the charm for Spider-Man casting? Are we eager to head to Wakanda with Chadwick Boseman?

Other talking points include that freakily young Robert Downey Jr, the standalone quality (or lack thereof) in Phase III MCU films, the brilliant comedic timing and chemistry of Anthony Mackie as Falcon, Jim Rash’s cameo, characters flip-flopping with their stance on the Sokovia Accords, obvious product placement and the sudden total death of Peggy Carter on screens both big and small.


If you’ve got mad Photoshop skills, mock up a movie poster or blu-ray cover for “Christmas Adventures with Tony Stark” and send it through. We’ll showcase it on our social media and give you a shoutout on the show.

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