The Gaff #010: Cinematic Games & Our Gaming Histories


We discuss cinematic games, which leads to our gaming histories through consoles, handhelds and computers where we name check some our favourite games and moments.


Sams tells us about creepy supernatural doll horror, The Boy. We muse over whether The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan has what it takes to be a final girl. Sam talks about braving more horror films lately including classics Exorcist and Rosemary’s Baby. We also refer to The Conjuring, The Evil Dead, The Loved Ones and The Tunnel.

Luke’s been finishing out the seasons for a slew of superhero shows and calls out the Ultron reference in Legends of Tomorrow, as well as the coincidental plot point of using holograms in both Agents of SHIELD and Legends.


Our first episode revolved around the much-maligned first trailer for Ghostbusters. This week we talk about the much better second trailer and speculate about the plot. Will it be a Star Wars: The Force Awakens type deal? Will they give us Vigo in the sequel? Can Luke sell Sam on Star Trek Beyond which also had a controversial first trailer?

Spielberg’s adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The BFG gets a new trailer, complete with CGI Mark Rylance from Bridge of Spies. We’re also intrigued by the trailer out of Cannes for Olivier Assayas’ next film with Kristen Stewart, Personal Shopper. Plus Sams has a secret trailer to share with Luke.


What starts as a discussion stemming from Sam playing Uncharted 4 on cinematic games, evolves into an overall recap of our gaming histories. We cover the consoles, handhelds and games that meant the most to us and our gamer status today. It’s not too specific, but fans should enjoy hearing about our interests in the gaming sphere.

While we name check a number of individual titles and franchises, we also cover a number of gaming topics: evolution of graphics and its effect on narrative, handheld vs console, adventure games, open world sandboxes, annual franchise instalments, first-person shooters, LAN parties and online multiplayer, emulation, immersion, soundtracks, building a gaming PC, nostalgia, and the updated Playstation on the horizon.


If you’ve got mad Photoshop skills, mock up a game case or gameplay still for what Sams and I would get up to in digital form, and send it through. We’ll showcase it on our social media and give you a shoutout on the show.


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