The Gaff #011: Cleverman S1 Premiere & Hunt for the Wilderpeople


Two much-anticipated titles are the topic this week, as the boys talk about Taika Waititi’s charming new film Hunt for the Wilderpeople, and the first episode of ABC’s indigenous, sci-fi, superhero drama Cleverman.

We have a brief discussion about Event Cinemas’ In The House screenings, get excited over Hayden Orpheum Cremorne’s Hitchcock Festival announcement, talk about Festival Jenga, and Sam even numbers off his Top Ten films of the year so far.


Sam saw Robert Eggers’ The Witch and Shane Black’s buddy cop comedy noir The Nice Guys. Luke mentions new graphic novel adaptations for TV; Preacher and Outcast.


The Wolfpack; about a reclusive family of brothers for whom movies were their only escape. Plastic Galaxy; a nostalgic look at the vintage Kenner toys that Star Wars fans in the ’70’s held in such high regard. The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin; that aims to explain the digital currency and its journey toward acceptance. Sam chimes in with his own doc recommendations.


Absurd or appealing? As we look at the early announcement teaser for Disney’s live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast. Will the upcoming release of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition improve upon the already-long theatrical release?

We talk about our local classic cinemas and how you can support them, in light of the New Beverly-centric classic cinema doc; Out of Print.

Luke Scott, son of Ridley, helms his first film, a ‘geneticists play God’ thriller that looks to meld Splice and Ex Machina; Morgan. An Australian satire, likely to be extremely controversial, about the day after the Cronulla riots; Down Under.


We get stuck into Taika Waititi’s new New Zealand classic; Hunt for the Wilderpeople. We look back at What We Do In the Shadows, and look forward to Thor: Ragnarok. Luke covers Wilderpeople tidbits revealed in the Q&A screening he attended with Fergus.

The film looks beautiful thanks to the New Zealand landscapes and is utterly charming and funny thanks to its talented cast. We don’t want to spoil the movie, so we move right along to another thing we’ve been waiting for…


An Australian production, an original indigenous story brought to life with a largely aboriginal cast. That alone would be amazing but it’s also a high-quality, kick-ass, sci-fi, superhero drama.

We cover everything in its first episode from the opening Australian hip hop title music through the censorship of the Sundance broadcast, Sam and Luke’s favourite secondary actors and the world-building on display in the show’s slang, visuals and production design.

The show is extremely well-written and a great pilot to setup the show. Ryan J Griffen created this show for his own kid and both he and everyone involved should be proud. Hunter Page Lochard and Rob Collins carry the show with a believable brotherly dynamic that promises to be the highlight of the series.

We break down the catalyst moment in the show’s opening few minutes and theorise about which direction the show might take over the season and the series. We talk about casting choices Jack Charles and Iain Glen.

This is an ambitious series and we encourage you to check it out before listening to our discussion. Let’s hope there’s even more high production value shows in Australia’s future.


If you’ve got mad Photoshop skills, mock up a movie poster or blu-ray cover for “Beauty and the Chew” starring Emma Watson alongside Peter Mayhew as The Beast, and send it through. We’ll showcase it on our social media and give you a shoutout on the show.


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